Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sunny Days, ineed.

Out of the blue, I landed a job that couldn't be more perfect at this stage of my life. I am a part-time sound editor for...that's right: Sesame Workshop. It's pretty cut-and-dry work so far, but it's pretty amazing to get a behind-the-scenes look at (or rather, listen to) the actors who bring Elmo, Oscar, and the rest of them to life. Currently I'm just editing and filing soundbites for interactive games on their website, which involves taking a script and a data CD of a few recording sessions and boiling them down to the lines the animated characters will end up saying. I might get to do a little more music with the ringtones and podcasts later on. Who knows!

Phoebe not only came to visit me on her way back to Skidmore for her senior year, but she ALSO leant me her DIGITAL CAMERA, with which we took these pictures of us eating some yummy cous-cous we'd just cooked. This is also pretty sweet because now I can give you all a tour of my new apartment:


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